Vision, Mission and Objectives


Pusat Sumber & Teknologi Pengajaran (PSTP) intends to be a center of transformation towards global competitiveness through e-learning.


Become a Pusat Sumber & Teknologi Pengajaran (PSTP) (PSTP) that will build a sustainable or sustainable e-learning framework and provide opportunities for quality, fair, and fair education through e-learning


  • Coordinate infrastructure development and e-learning infostructure that has been implemented by the UTeM Computer Center.
  • Produce various e-contents to reinforce learning and instruction.
  • Improve the skills of academic staff, students and stakeholders through e-learning
  • Carry out teaching and learning in pedagogy and e-learning technology.
  • Develop a culture of sharing e-learning resources and e-content.
  • Build community of e-learning practitioners and e-pure content generator.
  • Developing a teaching and learning environment that allows students to have a personal learning environment where student learning time will take into account the student's formal and informal learning time.