1. Administering the UTeM e-Learning Management System (ULearn)
    • Administer ULearn for R & D use every semester of study
    • Maintain ULearn
    • Coordinate helpdesk through faculty JK e-Learning.
    • Review & prepare reports of successful learning on 17th and 18th week of academic calendar.
  2. Managing the Development of an e-Learning Management System
    • Provide annual plans & implement the development of ULearn modules
  3. Review and prepare reports on the effectiveness of infra facilities for the use of e-learning for R & D at UTeM
  4. Review, report the results of the study and propose improvements in the use of the latest e-learning technology.
  5. Develop and coordinate technology-based P & P rooms.
  6. Develop, administer and update PSTP websites.
  7. Administrative instructions.